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  • 1. Choose a Facebook post related to your business (for example, that of a competitor)
  • 2. Filter reactions (optional)
  • 3. Select how many friends requests to send. That's it, Blackship works for you !

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Download and try Blackship now. Get in touch with your first Leads in the next minutes.


Blackship accepts every kind of medias (text, pictures, videos...), no matter the post origin (news feed, groups, pages, ads...). Every post run on Blackship !


As your position can't appeal to everybody, Blackship lets you to sort posts reactions, so that you can reach only leads interested by your products or services !


Did you just find the perfect audience ? Blackship deal with it ! You only need 3 clicks and the soft starts to works for you. Just take a break and wait your future customers to come to you !

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Facebook “emotional” reactions is a huge success. Above all, they are a non-negligible asset in regards to audience targeting : the feelings, spontaneous and out of control are one of the  most reliable indicator possible in terms of marketing. 

Based on the evidence, there’s nothing trivial that Blackship has made post audience his hobbyhorse.


Blackship official add-on is hosted on Chrome Web Store, audited and validated by Google, guaranteeing an 100% safe download.


You can install Blackship in just one click from the Google Chrome Web Store. With his fast and easy pickup, you'll be able to use Blackship in the next minutes !


Optimized as much as possible, Blackship add-on will take up little space on your computer (<1Mo), namely 5 to 10 time lighter than an MP3 music file !


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Take the example of Peter, who just start his own business in food supplements for sportsmen. His young company being unknown, Peter goes on “Sportsfoodies” Facebook page, well-known company in the industry. He notices that the last post of Sportfoodies count more than 700 likes. Peter launch 700 friends request through Blackship then goes to sleep.
Once in the morning, around one hundred people have accepted the invitation. Peter just have to contact them offering a discount code in order to try his own products.

You too, wake up every morning with dozens of targeted leads waiting exactly what you have to offer !

Once friend requests sent, it takes a few minutes to get the first invitations accepted. You just have to contact your leads and offering them what you want !

Depending of the choosen plan, you can use Blackship on one Facebook account (Blackship LITE) or unlimited (Blackship PREMIUM).

You just have to create a Facebook profile for each of them. With Blackship PREMIUM plan, you can use Blackship on as much account as needed.

You can download and use Blackship on as much as computer as you need, simply by using your login credentials.

Blackship can be used on devices allowing add-ons on Google Chrome Browser. Consequently, the majority of them are incompatible with Blackship. However, you can remote control your computer thanks to specific softwares like Teamviewer, or using a VPS.

Yes ! As a Chrome add-on, Blackship works with macOS, Windows and more generally with all kind of OS allowing the use Google Chrome Browser.

For now, Blackship has been programmed for Google Chrome browser only, which is renowned to be reliable, fast and secured making it one of the world most used web browser. Yet, (sometime requiring additional plugins), he is also running on the majority of web browsers based on Chromium (Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, Yandex…). 

You can download Google Chrome web brower freely here :

Every add-on available on Chrome Web Store are dissected, analyzed, and approved by Google. Downloading Blackship through Chrome Web Store (passing by this official page) is the only way to guarantee that your Blackship version doesn’t contain any virus/malwares.

Once installed, Blackship updates will be downloaded automatically (provided that you haven’t disabled auto-updates on your Google Chrome web browser). It will be deployed on your computer, only a few hours after security-check and publication on the Chrome Web Store.

Obviously, you can try Blackship risk-free during 14 days, for as little as 2€. Your subscription will automatically start 15 days later.

There is no one. You can unsubscribe whenever you want, 24/7 through your member area !




(14 days trial period for €2.00, then automatic subscription for €7.00 per month at the end. Cancelable 24/7)

  • Reactions Filtering
  • 50 Automated Friends Requests per Day
  • Simulate "Realistic" Friends Requests
  • (≈ 6 to 15 requests/minute)
  • 1 Facebook Account Limitation
  • (One account per subscription)



(14 days trial period for €2.00, then automatic subscription for €14.00 per month at the end. Cancelable 24/7)

  • Reactions Filtering
  • Unlimited Friends Requests
  • Simulate "Realistic" Friends Requests
  • (≈ 6 to 15 request/minute)
  • Works on unlimited Facebook Accounts
  • Early Access to Upgrades
  • Possibility to become an affiliate (50% commission)

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